What is this ADHD Thing, Anyway?

Have you or someone you love been diagnosed with ADHD?  There’s so much information out there!  How do you figure out what it’s all about?  Though ADHD is a complex difference that many have written whole books about, I’ve compiled a very brief overview for you: 

  • ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.  It is a neuro developmental difference that affects many aspects of life.  ADHD affects somewhere around 5-10% of the general population and is thought to be nearly 80% heritable.   
  • Dr. Ned Hallowel likes the idea of renaming ADHD to VAST, or Variable Attention Stimulus Trait because ADHD is truly a vast condition.  It affects so many aspects of our lives!  Additionally, this definition calls out that we don’t necessarily lack attention, but that our abundance of attention is inexorably linked to stimuli or interest.  
  • Individuals with ADHD fall onto a scale that ranges from inattentive type (think somewhat quiet daydreamers) to hyperactive/outwardly impulsive type (think louder with a lot of outward activity), with those falling around the middle of the scale being labeled with combined-type.  
  • One of the things that makes ADHD so difficult to diagnose and to take seriously is the paradoxical nature of it.  We often seem like extremely capable humans, but then we can have the hardest time accomplishing what seem like the easiest tasks or remembering to behave in a way that is acceptable.  Because of this we are often just written off as lazy and disruptive.  
  • ADHD affects our personal lives, our school and work lives, and our relationships. We must take it seriously.  People with untreated or undiagnosed adhd often suffer from a lack of confidence that stems from how society has interacted with our differences.  Research shows that people with ADHD can have higher instances of negative outcomes such as failures in school and work, divorce rates, drug and alcohol dependencies, incarceration, and even suicide.  
  • On the flip side, people with ADHD are far more likely to be entrepreneurs and can be wildly successful.  Many extremely successful folks have ADHD.  To name just a few: Simone Biles (gymnastics), Lisa Ling (journalist), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Phil Knight (Nike), Richard Branson (Virgin), and the list goes on and on.  

We all have so much potential.  Our brains are wired to take risks and operate outside of the box; AND we need accommodations and support to truly live to our full potential.

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