Six great reasons to uncover your core values

Six great reasons to uncover your core values.

Do you have ADHD and are constantly challenged by taking on too many things?  Have so much to do that there’s no time left for you?  Do you feel like you’ve been working and working with little result?  And after all this, do you feel like it’s never enough?  

First of all, let me tell you, You are enough!  You are not physically capable of doing absolutely everything that you and your perception of what others want you to do.  And that’s ok.  

So, if we can’t do absolutely everything, but we feel like we want to do absolutely everything, how do we decide what to do?  AND if we can’t accomplish absolutely everything that we think we should be doing, how do we convince ourselves that that’s ok and that we are enough?  

Sadly, there is no overnight answer to a lifetime of conditioning and worrying, and stressing, and just trying harder.  But there are several ways to start.  One of those places is exploring our values.  

Imagine a world where you wake up each morning, fully aware of your worth and armed with a powerful tool to help you live your life in alignment to who you are. 

You might ask: Why are you core values so important to our ADHD brains?  
  1. Guidance and Direction: our values provide a compass for decision-making and goal-setting. If you have ADHD, you may struggle with impulsivity and distraction. Having a clear set of values can help guide our actions and prioritize tasks effectively.
  2. Motivation: Aligning our actions with personal values can provide internal motivation (probably our only reliable source of motivation). When our tasks and/or goals are meaningful and connected to our values, ADHDers are more likely to stay focused and work through challenges.
  3. Self-Regulation: Understanding and embracing our personal values can support self-regulation. By recognizing what is truly important to us, we can better regulate our emotions and impulses, making it easier to manage distractions and remain focused on the tasks at hand.
  4. Resilience: Our values serve as a source of strength and resilience. When faced with setbacks or obstacles, we can draw on our values to stay grounded, maintain perspective, and persevere in pursuing our goals.
  5. Identity and Self-Concept: Now this is super important for late-diagnosed or un-masking ADHDers.  ADHDers are not a particularly self-aware bunch, but when we are newly diagnosed or just realizing the full impact ADHD has had on our lives, our sense of self often gets fully tossed up in the air.  Values contribute to our sense of identity. By exploring and living in alignment with our values, we can develop a stronger sense of self-esteem and self-worth which is especially important given the challenges and messages we may face due to our ADHD-related symptoms.
  6. Enhanced Executive Functioning: Establishing values-based goals and priorities can support executive functioning skills such as planning, organization, and time management. When we have a clear understanding of what matters most to us, we can more effectively structure our environment and routines to support our goals.

And then you might ask, but how do I figure out what my core values even are, let alone figure out how to live in alignment with them?!?!

I’ve developed this short, inexpensive program to help! Over the course of two sessions, coupled with some homework, we can reveal your core values, examine what they mean to you, and start an action plan for how to live in alignment with them.  Email me or sign up for a free introductory session for more information.  I look forward to speaking with you! 

Introductory Session

How much would you give to sit across from an expert who was trained to help people just like you achieve their most important goals? Well, for anyone serious about living a richer, more rewarding life, the price would be quite high and worth every penny. But for a for a small number of people, I’m offering that opportunity…without charge.

That’s right, with my complimentary Introductory Call, you have the chance to work with me one on one, absolutely free. Typically a session like this is $250, but I’m waiving the fee for anyone who applies today.

Because I hold these calls personally, there are few spots available, so if you’re serious about changing your life and would like the guidance and support of a trained expert, use the calendar provided to apply for your session now.

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