Ready, Set, … Stuck

January 9, 2024

Note: I wrote this article way back in September.  It feels like almost an eternity ago, and also like just a couple of days ago.  Sadly, I never published it on my blog for a few reasons: 1. I didn’t like how I had initially formatted it, 2. I learned how to format with a different article, and 3. I have ADHD and by the time I formatted the other article, I’d totally forgotten about this one. I only just remembered about it and I really like it.  So here I am, with my new website up and running, having moved past many of my initial obstacles (more will come, but I’m building a toolbox to help!).   I’m publishing it as is (with very little formatting).  Perhaps a lesson in this is- yes, please pause.  Pausing is a powerful tool.  But don’t pause too long or you might get distracted by something else and completely forget what you were working on…

Late September, 2023-

Ready, Set,…Stuck

For a number of reasons, I was not able to really go full bore on my coaching business as planned in September.  Earlier this week I was finally ready to start.  I had the whole week ahead of me with few distractions (I’ll talk about the cost of distractions and some tools to mitigate them in another article).  I had my plan.  I was all ready, set, …

And the tool I wanted to use didn’t work as expected.  And I didn’t know how to do a lot of the things I was wanting to start with.  And I was, perhaps, using those factors as excuses not to work on my actual business, which is- to work with individuals with ADHD or affected by ADHD who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and/or burned-out find ways through and around their obstacles.  

I was banging my head against the (figurative) wall, stuck on getting this one.thing.done. I felt like this whole business idea was folly and I’ll never be able to accomplish anything.  How easy it was to allow my negative thoughts take over this whole, meaningful goal that I’ve been working on for the entire year!

And then I stopped.  I took a breath.  I asked myself why.  Not why am I banging my head against the wall. Not why can’t I get this one.thing.done.  But why do I want to do this one.thing. How am I serving my big why-to work with individuals with ADHD or affected by ADHD who feel stuck, overwhelmed, and/or burned-out find ways through and around their obstacles- by banging on about this one.thing.    

I paused.  I made myself answer that question before I could proceed with figuring out how to get the one.thing.done. And guess what?  I started writing this article instead. And in this article I was able to refresh my memory of what my job, my goal, and my mission really is.  I realized that getting the one.thing.done- perfectly- was preventing me from truly getting started.  

Once I was able to step back and realize that getting the one.thing.done was not a keystone event, I finally remembered that I could do it a different way and that’s what I did.  So, I finished it imperfectly, and totally revised how I want to do the one.thing in the future.

Now I’m on my way again.  Until the next obstacle.  

With practice, I will start to notice when I’m banging my head, spinning, and over focusing on the one.thing and with getting everything done to perfection.  I will start to notice these things and I will take a step back.  I will take a breath.  I will ask myself why.

If we find ourselves stuck, or frustrated, or overwhelmed, and can remember to stop, take a breath, and remind ourselves why we want to do the one.thing (whatever it is), we can determine the importance of it.   Once we pause and remember why, we can find new motivation, decide to set it aside and move in a different direction, or find some other tool to help us move forward.  By pausing and asking why when I’m struggling, I’m not abandoning my task; I’m just assessing its importance.  It’s the pause that allows us to continue.

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