Your Personal Mission

On the blog. Picture of holy grail with sun beaming down

Your personal mission

Picture this:

You woke up in the morning with a sense of excitement for the day ahead, knowing that every move you make will propel you forward? 

On the blog. Picture of holy grail with sun beaming down

Just checking: 

  • How many things are you interested in today?  
  • How many things are grabbing your attention?  
  • Are you able to focus on what you need to focus on? 

Often the answers to these questions for an ADHDer are: 100, 1000, and 0 respectively.  

The dream:

you wake up in the morning with a sense of excitement for the day ahead, knowing that every move you make will propel you forward?  

Did you know ADHD brains don’t lack attention, but rather possess too much attention?  We have a very hard time filtering out all of the things that are attracting our attention in order to focus on the issue at hand.  We need significant interest in something in order to focus our attention on just that thing.  And when we find the right interest, whoo baby can we focus!  

In order for us to get into focus, we need interest and in order to have steady interest, we really need to know what drives us.  In other words, we need to have an interest in a focus that is stronger than all of our other interests in all of the other focuses that are trying to call us away.

That’s why we all need a personal mission.  For example, what if you wake up in the morning and know that your mission is to expand awareness and acceptance of ADHD worldwide and to help individuals fall in love with their weird and wonderful brains?  (btw, this is my personal mission in my coaching business if you hadn’t guessed) 

Does this work for me every day? No.  But does it help give me direction when my mind is pulling me in 1000 directions?  Yes.  

Every day I have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a husband and an array of teens and young adults meandering around the house.  I have house and garden chores and projects to do everywhere I turn.  I love these ‘distractions’ to the ends of the earth. But I also have a job and a mission.  So every day when I sit down at my desk, I am mostly able to filter out the non-job ‘distractions’ (some would say to a fault) and focus on my mission which I also love to the ends of the earth.  

Of course, at my desk I have too many emails (because I sign up for everything that might serve my mission and have not figured out how to filter it down yet).  I have a pile of papers and WAY too many books surrounding me.  I have a website and social media posts that I need to monitor and create.  Best of all, I have fantastically fabulous clients that I get to talk to.  

My brain still wants to pull me in many directions and I do get sucked down rabbit holes from time to time, but because I know and am focused on my mission, at least my rabbit holes further my mission and benefit my clients (spoiler alert, I have other tools to help me avoid these rabbit holes…more on them later).  

Do you have a personal mission?  If so, would you like help focusing it and applying it to your day to day?  If not, would you like to find it? 

Introductory Session

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