Do something you love and do it first.

One of the reasons folks with ADHD have such a hard time getting even the simplest tasks* done is that we are told to: ‘just do it,’ ‘power through,’ ‘use your willpower,’ ‘you’ll feel better having accomplished xyz,’ ‘the rewards will be xyz.’  

I know that priorities are priorities.  We have to figure out how to do the hard things, but can you sneak in a little burst of dopamine before you get started on a less-than-exciting task? 

The ADHD brain is not wired for rewards.  For one, our sense of time is a little wonky, so a reward in the future is hard to visualize.  Also, we often have crappy working memories.  This means that it’s hard to keep the reward in mind while we’re doing the task.  We just forget the reward exists.  

Our brains are wired for interest.  When interest is low, then motivation is low, because dopamine is low.  

Sometimes we can trick our brain into doing something we don’t want to do by building up a little store of dopamine.  

We often do better on the hard tasks when we have some stored up dopamine.  So try this – try to do something you love first.  Try to give yourself that reward first.  That may just give you the dopamine/interest/momentum to move forward into a harder or more unpleasant task.  

Give it a try and let me know what you think!


*Sometimes it’s the simple tasks that give us the hardest time, but that’s a story for another day.

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