Case Study 3: My True Calling and the Help I Need

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My True Calling and the Help I Need


Way back seven days ago, I left you right as I crashed and burned out of my career in nonprofit finance.  

It was what it was and I learned and grew through the whole process, but I am telling you that I did things the HARD way.  I did not even know about the help I needed. So many years were spent telling myself that I could succeed and be successful just like and in the same ways as everyone else, but I’m not just like everyone else.  I have ADHD.  My brain is not wired to do things the way ‘everyone’ else does things.  

Getting Help

After I crashed hard.  After I got help in the form of an ADHD coach.  I learned that I actually need to pay attention to my ADHD and learn about how my brain works.  A full 34 years after my diagnosis. Boy was that a long 34 years! 

Starting Fresh

I’m an entrepreneur again.  I found my calling, got my education, and started my business.  Within 2 weeks of starting, I remembered that I need help. 

I am still running my business on my own, but I’ve hired some consultants to help me learn how to do tasks instead of bashing my head against a wall until I didn’t do them.  Joining a marketing program helped me focus my business plan and build scaffolding for success.  For some of the dull tasks, or tasks that I need additional motivation for, I set up body doubling sessions that give me accountability and group focus.  With this group, I have the support of a check-in every hour. 

Believe me, as soon as I have enough clients, I’ll be hiring a virtual assistant to help me take care of some of the stuff that’s harder for my brain to tackle.  I also have the loving support of my husband who I am able to be fully unmasked with.  

Here I Am

Now I’m an educated and nearly certified ADHD coach.  I love to help folks who have ADHD so that they don’t have to learn everything the hard way.  I am happy. I have an amazing partner, rewarding work that gives me energy, and I learn and grow as a person every day.  

Getting the help we need

We aren’t all lucky enough to have everything we need all the time.  Actually, few of us can claim that, but as ADHDers, we need to try extra hard to be the love of our lives, our own best friends, and be creative about sourcing the help we need.  And we need to remember to admit we need that help and accept it when offered.  

I hope in sharing my story I can help others understand that; Yes, we are fully capable of success…with.the.right.supports. 

We need:

  • the support and understanding of friends and family who are willing to accept and trust our diagnosis. 
  • to learn about how our brains work and how we need to structure our lives to be friendly to our brains.
  • external supports (sometimes we need to spend money on those external supports, to make sure we’re not forcing ourselves to do things that hurt our brains, our psyches, our motivation).
  • And most of all, the support and understanding of our very own selves.  

Tune in next week for more takeaways from this tale

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