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Text: This is what ADHD spontaneity can look like...Six days, 1990 miles, 40 bands, 2 teenagers, 2...'adults'? Will it pay off of be a bust??? Check out my new blog to find out. four photos: Shasta mountain, black car in the sun, concert venue with pastel mohawk person, a carful of 2 adults and 2 teens.

6 Days, 1990 Miles, 40 Bands, 4 People, 2 Generations

ADHD and Impulsivity v. spontaneity: About 3 months ago, Rob sent me a link for a concert with a lot of familiar names on it. Some from my late childhood and some from my college days. It was a concert with bands who play music that I used to live on, but rarely revisit now. It was a concert with bands who play music that my kiddo listens to incessantly. It was $200 a ticket. It was in LA. And it was before the end of the school year.

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Hands making a heart shape in front of the ocean. Text reads: New Blog 13 ways to find focus in the summertime (and all year) Pathways Forward Coaching

16 Ways to Find Focus in the Summer

The frenetic pace of summertime with kids out of school, holidays, travel, pressure to enjoy the weather while it lasts. So, how do we cope, stay productive, and maintain focus with all this happening around us? The answer is we need to take care of ourselves.

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