16 Ways to Find Focus in the Summer

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The frenetic pace of summertime with kids out of school, holidays, travel, pressure to enjoy the weather while it lasts.  I love it in the beginning, and I am so DONE with it by the time fall rolls around.  So, how do we cope, stay productive, and find focus with all this happening around us?  The answer is we need to take care of ourselves.    

Check in with yourself

Self care is different for everyone, however, here are some common areas to check: 

  1. Are you hydrated?  We often have a hard time getting enough water throughout the year, but it’s even more important in the summer heat.  Why not drink a nice cold glass of water?
  2. Are you hungry?  Many of us ADHDers don’t operate on a schedule and we often forget to eat until we’re really hungry.  Sadly, this can also lead to making poor food choices when we do finally eat.  Try to start out your day with a filling, high protein meal.  If you have a hard time eating first thing in the morning, make something to eat later and set an alarm to make sure you don’t forget to eat it!
  3. What are you wearing?  Are you still in your PJs at noon?  Maybe try to put on some day clothes.  
  4. Do you feel clean?  Have you brushed your teeth or do you need a shower?  These things can be hard to initiate, but the reward of feeling fresh is great.  
  5. Are you getting enough sleep? 
  6. Have you been moving your body?  Stretching?  
  7. When was the last time you got outside?  When was the last time you got into nature?
  8. Check in with your body- how do you feel?  Are you exhausted, stressed, emotional, tight?  Do you know why?  Is it something you can change now or work towards changing?  Is there anything you can do about the cause? 
    1. If you can think of something to do, can you take a small step in that direction? 
    2. If you are having trouble figuring something out can you seek help?
  9. Have you been connecting with other humans?  And/or animals?  Do you have a friend to reach out to or a dog to pat? 
  10. Have you been around others too much?  Do you need some time to yourself?
  11. Do you need to set some boundaries for yourself?  
  12. When was the last time you took the time to do something you love?  Maybe something creative?
  13. Does your life feel chaotic, your house cluttered?  Is there something you can do today that will make your future self feel better, calmer, happier?
  14. What are you grateful for?  Who do you appreciate and how?  Try to pass out some authentic and meaningful appreciations for the people around you. 
  15. Do you need a little treat?  Treats don’t need to be overly indulgent.  Can you take a day or an afternoon off?  What would feel like a treat to you?  A stroll in a park? Some time in the woods? Sitting by a body of water?  Snuggling up with a blanket and tea and watching a movie in the middle of the afternoon?  A nice dinner out?  An ice cream cone?  A massage? Painting your nails? 
  16. Do you need help?  Reach out to a friend, or a family member, or your friendly neighborhood ADHD coach 🙂 
Hint: Self care helps all year round

Regardless of the season, self care is challenging for everyone.  We live in a culture that values hard and constant work above all else.  For ADHD brains this culture is particularly difficult and that makes our self care even more essential.  Check in with yourself, try to identify your needs, and take steps towards meeting them.  

Take it slowly

Notice that I said ‘take steps towards meeting” your needs…we often overload ourselves with too many initiatives at one time.  Please have the patience to take small steps that build on each other to produce a personal culture of self care.  I think you probably know what happens when you try to take on too much all at once…

I’d love to hear about your self care successes!  Reach out in the comments to share!

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