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1:1 coaching for women of all types who experience ADHD

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You Want to Live Your Best Life…But You're Struggling

Do Any of These Sound Familiar?


Are you swirling in a never-ending stream of tasks?


Do you feel drained and unfocused?


Not sure how to move forward?

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I've Been There...

Sue Day, Trained ADHD Coach

Hi! I’m Sue, and believe me, I’ve been there. There were so many things to do and so little time to do them in. There was no time to think and plan, and when there was time, my brain was so tired from managing my life it just shut down. But I found a path through this overwhelm. There’s a way to get unstuck and I can help.

With an ADHD coach by my side, I finally understood how to work with my strengths and find my passions so I could focus enough to make progress. The difference in my life was so profound that I also became an ADHD coach and am now helping people unlock their potential and live their best lives. It would be an honor to do the same for you.

Coaching Programs

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I offer three programs.  Every one of them offers big steps towards living your best life and loving your weird and wonderful brain.  Click below to find out which step is right for you!

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Three Steps Between You and Your Best Life

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